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Who are Imset?

IMSET are one of the most promising rock bands in Slovenia. During the last 2 years they were among the most played Slovenian bands on biggest radio stations (Val 202, Radio BOB, Rock radio, Radio Si, SLO 1, Capris, HIT, ...) 

V letu 2020 so nastopili na EMI, kasneje istega leta pa so izvedli najbolj utrgan koncert v Sloveniji – Koncert s stolpnice, kjer so dobesedno sredi Ljubljane viseli iz 70m visoke stolpnice. 

Jaka Peterka, Jaka Ažman, Blaž Horvat and Dejan Macura are a band that are being listened to by members of bands Coldplay in Linkin Park, because they have qualified into finals of the biggest international song contest ISC International Songwriting Contest) where they placed in the top 1% of all contestants with the songsLost Inside" and "All The Same”.

The songLost Inside" made it to finals in Lyrics category, (TOP 15 Best Lyrics), song "All The Same" did the same in Rock category, (TOP 15 best rock songs). The song All The Same is already available, Lost Inside will be available soon.

All songs that made it into finals were judged by judges from popular bands such as Linkin Park, Coldplay, Dua Lipa, …

It is no secret that Imset is looking beyond the borders of Slovenia. Not only have they been cooperating with one of the best Slovenian producers, Matej Pecaver, they have worked with producers from USA: Ted Jensen from NY studio Sterling (Green Day, Linkin Park …) and Chris Gehringer (21 Pilots, Dua Lipa, Lana Del Rey …).


  •  ISC FINALISTS 2021 (International Songwriting Contest), TOP15 Rock Category, TOP15 Lyrics Category
  • Concert from a skyscraper  (70m above ground)
  • Most played SLO artist on a variety of Slovenian radio stations (2019 / 2020)
  • EMA 2020
  • SAZAS SpotVizija (selected out of 133 participants as the band with the highest level of quality)
  • Working with Sterling studio, New York (Ted Jensen & Chris Gehringer)
  • 6. Ljubljanski festival (award for the best performers)
  • Glas Mladih 2012 (award for the best band)
  • Working and cooperating with different musicians (Dire Straits exp., Parni Valjak, Omar Naber, Siddharta, Alya …)
  • Concerts on the biggest festivals in Slovenia (Adria Summer Festival, Čipkarija, Schengenfest, Music Park Bivje, Škisova tržnica, Woodstock festival PL, Vransko Summer Night, …)
  • Performance at Polish festival Przystanek Woodstock (angl. Woodstock Festival Poland)
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